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Pleasant Cove

Summary: This is a VR rehabilitation experience for those with cognitive and motor impairments, to be used with proprietary hardware. The experience is made up of several activities, each with their own therapeutic benefit for the player. We worked closely with Subject-Matter Experts (SME) to ensure we made the best game possible for the target audience.

Project Details

Game built for: REAL System (by Schell Games)

  • Platform: Virtual Reality

  • Genre: Therapy, casual

  • Team size: ~15

  • Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  • Time on project: March 2020 - February 2021

My roles and responsibilities:​​

  • Gameplay design: Designed and iterated on several systems throughout the various activities in the game, alongside an engineer who did the initial implementation of most systems.

  • Game loop iteration: Spent most of development iterating on the game loop to ensure that the target audience could understand each activity, play through with minimal guidance, and be physically able to play as well. 

  • UX and accessibility: This project is unique in that the main audience is people with cognitive and motor impairments, so the team and I had to design with that in mind and always advocate for this player base.

  • Prototyping: Did the first passes of several of the mechanics, as well as placeholder animations using the sequencer in Unreal.

  • Design Director: For the latter half of the project, I took on the role of Design Director. This was my first project in a director role and I learned a lot about leadership, creative vision-holding, decision-making, scheduling, and more.

  • Working with SME: This project utilized Subject-Matter Experts to ensure that the game could legitimately help the target audience.

  • Photography and stock photo sourcing: One of the activities in this game involved cards that needed photographs, so I spent time sourcing and taking photos. Went through cycles reacting to feedback from SME.


Pleasant Cove on the REAL System Website

Pleasant Cove on the Schell Games Website

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