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Interactive Theme Park Ride

Summary: This is an interactive theme park ride made for a major theme park using a well-known IP. Specific details are under NDA, but I am able to describe my roles and responsibilities while working on this project.

Project Details

Game built for: Undisclosed client (by Schell Games)

  • Platform: Theme Park / Location Based Entertainment

  • Genre: Dark ride

  • Team size: ~40

  • Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  • Time on project: January 2019- February 2020

  • My roles and responsibilities:

    • UI/UX wireframing, design, implementation, and polish: Worked alongside a UI artist and a programmer to bring the UI screens to life according to the client's standards. Iterated to make scoring information and player displays understandable. UI helped to support the player story through the experience.

    • Level Lead: Level design iteration & scene owner over several of the levels. Iterated on a finale moment. Placement on enemies and props.

    • Systems polish: Ramped up on and polished systems previously created by designers and engineers.

    • Graphic design: Designed the signage to be used in playtesting, which was also used to help inform the signage used for the final experience.

    • Playtest conducting: Running live playtests with groups of guests; Analyzing player experience and  performing interviews; collecting and analyzing data. 

  • Additional details under NDA



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