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Themed Entertainment Experience

Summary: This is a themed entertainment experience made for a major theme park using a well-known IP. Specific details are under NDA, but I am able to describe my roles and responsibilities while working on this project.

Project Details

Game built for: Undisclosed client (by Schell Games)

  • Platform: Theme Park / Themed Entertainment

  • Genre: Location-Based Entertainment

  • Team size: ~30

  • Game Engine: Unreal Engine 4

  • Time on project: March 2021-November 2021


My roles and responsibilities:

  • Experience flow and event scripting implementation: This project involved an intricate event scripting system that is the backbone of the entire experience. I worked with the client to make sure timings were correct, events got triggered when they should, cinematics would begin on time, UI would react when it should, and more. I iterated on this system through most of my time on this project.

  • UI implementation: The client provided my team with the UI elements, which I implemented and iterated on based off of client feedback.

  • Gameplay iteration: Iterated on one of the interactive gameplay elements of this experience based off of client feedback and playtesting.

  • Working closely with the client: Being that this project involved a major IP in a well-known theme park, we had to work closely to with the client to ensure that the project was up to high standards and was true to the IP. I worked with them daily to ensure that I was up-to-date on all decisions and reacted to any feedback.



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